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Bedslide the pick up Sliding Cargo Tray that brings everything into easy reach, with its patented easyglide roller system and massive 540kg capacity with Bedslide you can load and unload with ease.
‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ Bedside UK Dealer

Tired of climbing into his pick up truck day after day, Keith decided enough was enough. He set about making a sliding cargo bed in his garage.
Although basic,  it was a great asset to his work, it brought his tools from the back of the pick up load area to where he could reach them and he could stow more.  Soon his friends who also had the same troubles,  commissioned him to make them a rolling floor too. The BedSlide was born.
Now the industry leader, the BedSlide uses advanced materials like 7 ply CDX plywood which has the structural strength of steel, at a fraction of the weight.

In 1999 the BedSlide was launched by Innovative Fab Works based in Oregon, USA,  they were a small North West coastal company who had brought to light the invention of an affordable, time and labour saving sliding floor which is so simple, yet so innovative – the BedSlide, sliding cargo tray.

They are a revolutionary concept for many reasons:

• Two men can actually remove the BedSlide sliding cargo tray from the bed of their pick-up or 4x4 in under a minute!

• The BedSlide sliding cargoi tray is the perfect pick up drawer for those of you who use your pick-up and 4x4 for carrying tool boxes, sports equipment etc and want to stow more.

• With the BedSlide sliding cargo tray you can simply slide all of your tools and heavy and expensive equipment from the back of your vehicle, and lift the BedSlide safely on to the floor. Once you have finished with your equipment and wish to pack away, you can simply load and stow more everything quickly and easily back onto the BedSlide and slide it back into your vehicle.

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Main Features
  • Massive 540kg load capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Four steel roller bearings.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy fitting and removal .
  • 3 locking positions.
  • Aluminium side rails.
  • Rubber washable anti-slip mat.
  • Synthetic grey carpet.
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